because of the long and narrow shape of the cabin the room must be divided into zones.this can be achieved by giving each zone it ´s own the generousity of the cabin is not destroyed by separation walls, the room begins to flow and seems endless.

the main intention is to give the passengers an atmosphere guaranteeing a comfortable flight, and opportunity to relax; the variable interior is designed to make all the necessary activities on board possible.

to feel really free it must be possible to walk around and enjoy various atmospheres. the functional areas are placed along the longitudinal axis and in niches left and right to the corridors. so every place is next to a corridor.

by giving the corridor a curved form all zones get their own character,orientation and optic balance. the swinging inner skin provides private niches that can be used for various purposes. the interior can be kept in the storages left and right to the niches. to make the room seem wider the inner skin is equipped with a lightning system called "open sky effect", that is the only light source in the cabin..........................................